IANA Stewardship Transition month

IANA Stewardship Transition month The ICANN Africa team resolved to launch an IANA Stewardship Transition & Enhancing ICANN Accountability revival month in April 2015. The target is to organize 1-2 hour sessions / webinars / teleconferences during face-to-face meetings in various countries’ in Africa at different times and dates led by local community leaders and […]

ICANN at AIS 2015 in Tunis

ICANN at AIS 2015 in Tunis ICANN is proud to be part of the third edition of the Africa Internet Summit 2015 in Tunis, Tunisia this year. We have a busy schedule and encourage anyone from the community to join us, and if you cannot make it to Tunis there will be remote participation available. You […]

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