ICANN-ASWG Strategy Plan presented during ICANN-45

This initiative is the result of a June meeting involving Steve Crocker, Chairman of ICANN's Board of Directors,ICANN's CEO-Designate Fadi Chehadé and its Interim CEO Akram Atallah with African community members atICANN's 44th Public Meeting, in Prague, Czech Republic. The goal is to develop a framework for ICANN's Africa strategy and to announce an initial plan at the October 2012 Public Meeting in Toronto, Canada. The strategy will aim both to support a stronger presence for ICANN in Africa and to increase African participation in ICANN. It will also foster the promotion of the multi-stakeholder model in Africa at the government, civil society and private sector levels. This effort is a step toward stronger global engagement for ICANN, with a special focus on developing countries. To contribute to the development of the new strategy, a working group was created and endorsed by the African community members meeting in Prague, including key players in Internet governance from different regions in Africa. The working group has selected Nii Quaynor of Ghana, a well-respected Internet leader in Africa, to lead its efforts. Core community nominated in Prague Maimouna Diop Diagne - (GAC, West Africa) Palesa Legoze - (GAC, Southern AFrica) Pierre Dandjinou - (atLarge/ASO, West Africa) Nii Quaynor - (ICANN Board Alumni/atLarge/ccNSO/ASO, West Africa) Regional/Constituency nomination Alice Munyua - (GAC, East Africa) Barrack Ong'ondo Otieno (ccNSO, East Africa) Mouhamet Diop - (ICANN Board Alumni/ASO/gNSO, West Africa) Tijani Ben Jemaa - (atLarge, North Africa) Michel CAPDA - (atLarge, Central Africa)